Hair Colouring


At Revelations In Hair Design, We provide the highest quality hair colouring products. Our products colour cream has protective and conditioning ingredients that create vibrant, long lasting colour to moisturise, maintain and build healthy strong hair.

Permanent colour -or tint- Gives maximum coverage to grey hair. It has a longlasting result that can change your hair to be lighter or darker, subtle or dramatic.

Demi colour –or semi permanent – lasts 4 to 6 weeks and adds shine and condition to hair but does not lighten.

Foil Highlights – Slicing or Weaving of fine sections of hair with foils.

>>Hair Straightening
>>Hair Extensions
>>Hair Cutting
>>Hair Foils

Here’s What Our Clients Have To Say…

I started coming to Revelations In Hair Design when I lived here. I moved to North Queensland and I still cherish the experience. The staff are wonderful, polite and courteous. The attention to detail with hot coffee / cold bubbly, a delicious slice. I still live interstate and would rather travel to Wellington Point to get great service. - MAREE – ARMY MEDIC

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